In order to better promote Hung Gar Kung Fu internationally, Sifu Lam Chun Chung and Sifu Lam Chun Sing invites interested martial artists from any discipline to come to Hong Kong to train with them to increase their knowledge and understanding in the art of Hung Gar.

The training proposed will be provided on a full time basis with 3 hours of private lessons per day, 2 group classes per week and additional time provided for training at Lam Cho legendary Mong Kok studio. See the attached proposed timetable for an example of a training programme.


- Monday -

- Tuesday -


- Thursday -

- Friday -

- Saturday -

- Sunday -

  1. Charge for Full Time Training for four weeks
    HK$30,000 (or USD3,500)

  2. An example of learning objectives over one month period may be:

    1. Gung Gee Fook Fu Kuen/Fu Hok Seung Ying Kuen;

    2. Lau Gar Gwan/Pek Kwa Dan Dao; and

    3. Tit Sien Kuen (3 sections)

    The learning objectives could be discussed with Sifu Lam Chun Chung or Sifu Lam Chun Sing before the commencement of the course.

  3. Inclusions

    1. One on one instruction by Sifu Lam Chun Chung or Sifu Lam Chun Sing in the periods shaded in yellow above;

    2. Training time in Lam Cho's famous Mong Kok Studio shaded in green above;

    3. Participating in Lam Cho's Hung Kuen class in his famous Mong Kok Studio shaded in orange above;

    4. A certificate of completion will be awarded at the completion of the one month's training;

    5. 20% discount in relation to any Dit Da Massage treatment required.

  4. Exclusions

    1. Accommodation

    2. Meals